Onlegacy Network | The future of Network Marketing combines the 2 business styles (Networking and Traditional) to achieve better single results. By doing so, our members have the opportunity to make extra income in both ways and also the once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain their financial freedom. Onlegacy Network has successfully partnered with a few companies which interact in the highest growing industries around the world such as - Telecommunications, Merchant Services (Visa/Mastercard), Education, Marketing and Technology, and Money Remittance. These partnerships will bring our members the freedom to choose what is better for them and at the same time obtain a great way to earn True Residual Income


As a member of Onlegacy Network, you will be able to work with any traditional business around your area. You will be able to bring those business to earn extra income with no need from them to purchase any kind of membership with us.


If you enjoy network marketing, you are part of a company in which we care about you and your team. Our team leaders have the leadership to take your dreams and help you make them true.

3 People, 1 Mission

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Our team of professionals has achieved outstanding recognition on their field. Giving our corporate team the ability to interact in diverse areas and together create one of the most completed teams in the networking world.

Rogelio Ortiz

Mr. Rogelio Ortiz has been considered a very successful business person since his early life. He was able to run operations back in the 80s to the largest cement company in Mexico and around the world. He has been awarded in the state of California by governmental organizations due to the fact of his entrepreneurship as well as the way he has succeeded in business. Rogelio brings his over 35 years of experience on business management to make Onlegacy the project of his life.

Francisco Figueroa
Master Global Rep

Francisco Figueroa has been involved for over 15 years in the Real Estate industry bringing new ideas all the time. Now he has accumulated many years of experience on the Network Marketing industry which have helped him develop teams for thousands and thousands of people all over the world. Now Francisco has committed to convert Onlegacy Network into one of the biggest and most respected company around the world by always keeping the Ethics Policy above any other company policy.

Daniel Cruz
Vice-President of Sales

Daniel Cruz has stand out for his unique abilities rarely found on a single person around the globe. His unique talent include very high-end graphic design skills as well as software engineer. His uniqueness comes in place when he started developing teams of Network Marketing with thousands of members on his teams. Daniel now has decided to deploy the most advanced system a MLM company has ever created to help distributors become more successful.



Be connected through a cellphone is an arising necessity


The most stable residual industry for the last 100 years


Ideas converted to reality through printing, digital design and high reach advertising


Innovative education platform that generates results

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